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What makes my book different?

My book is different as it's a personal account of my life in and prior to serving in the British Army. I have tried to convey the lighter side of the army. Yes, when I served I was involved in various theatres of war/conflicts, but much has been written about them. I told my personal story of some funnies and some of my ups and downs and eventually my rise in rank to RSM which for me personally was not what I thought it would be.


What Does My Book Offer You?

I believe my book offers a different insight into the British Army; it's not all guns blazing!! For the people who have served in the army, hopefully it will bring back happier memories and they will feel that sense of camaraderie that only we can feel. For those looking to join up and maybe not feeling too confident about their abilities, hopefully my journey will show you just what can be achieved even when others tell you "you are no good" or "worthless", or you may not have a family to support you. Then you will find strength in your unit. You will be pushed to your limits and then you will find camaraderie and a family, who over a lifetime will always be there for you, even when you have retired from service, the government might not care but your army family will.


Is The Price Reasonable?

Oh! Did I dither, pricing for me was a nightmare, Amazon takes this % Smashwords takes that % and then when you decide to go to print edition its Well Hello! How Much??

I think the price is reasonable, but it's all based on how much it costs to print a book and also the different percentages that Amazon etc. take for themselves.

Then I have donated £1.00 from every book sale to the Royal British Legion.

As you know my book is not going to win any awards or be recognised to the extent of Steven King or R. Dahl etc., so I will never be a millionaire????

But I do think that the price set is fair. Well that's just my opinion, what do you think?..............


Reviews From Amazon/Smashwords Etc....


 Robert Jamieson "just had a wee read ossie mate was going to keep it for holiday but couldn't help myself lol well done mate."


Steven Hanson  "Hey Steve, just finished reading your book for the second time to take me back to the days in the reg, enjoyed it again; every ex-squaddie has to read this life story, so many shared experiences."


Emma Phipps  Hi. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your book. I was at Bulford the same time as you and shall be passing it on to my son who is also serving. Excellent read - had me laughing out loud in places!!


Wayne Schnabel Just read it Steve. Cracking book. Brought back good memories and not so good. I was in the BV with Dave Jenkins behind yours when the accident happened, a very sad day. Good to see your well mate


Matt Tank Currently half way through it..... 1 word describes it...... AWESOME! Really well written, the fact there's a few grammatical and spelling mistakes makes it all the more endearing to read.... Typical gritty squaddie-humour, and well worth every penny!


By Cruicky

Format: Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase

Having served in the RCT, Ossie has taken me back on a real nostalgic trip; this book would make a great read for anyone with an interest in life in the British Army


By Pavlos

4.0 out of 5 stars heartily recommend this book 18 Oct 2013

I have just read this book and also the reviews. In my opinion, the book is factual, funny and emotive. It is written in an earthy, natural style. Some reviews mention the spelling and grammatical errors. That's a bit like watching Eastenders and criticising the Cockney accents to be honest! It is surely a must for any young person thinking of joining the British Army. I wish "Always believe in yourself" had been around way back in 71 when I joined the RCT. Well done, Ossie.


By Sean Gouldburn: Amazon Verified Purchase

I like many others had the pleasure to serve with Ossie in Germany and loved this book which if I'm honest, read in a day while on holiday. The things Ossie covers in here brought back so many happy and sad memories of my time served. You don't need to be a soldier or ex soldier to understand what Ossie went through. It is as he says, about always believing in yourself and to never say never or give up on the challenges which may lay ahead.


Robert Graham Thompson Ordered it one day, received it the next, read it the next night, all so very true of so many squaddies, Steve, Excellent Purchase


 5.0 out of 5 stars l Was There (Buller Barracks) Just before the Writer

By Martin Bellinger

Amazon Verified Purchase

This great read if you are ex-army or other forces, it will take you back to your days in and rekindle old memories. l happen to be close to what has been written because l was just ahead of the writer by just 1 intake or squad...so l can relate very easily with the tales and high jinks that we all seem to have happen to/as soldiers taken part in or been part of.


5 out of 5 stars Told how it was By Shaun

Amazon Verified Purchase

Great to read something that hasn't been chopped and changed by some proof reader, told straight, very funny as well as covering the sadness, stresses and strains of life in the forces, great read.


By Phil

Amazon Verified Purchase

Having served in part with Ossie, I can honestly say this is a true, and at times very funny account of his service in the British Army!. It would be a good book to read if you were contemplating joining the Armed services, it would enable people to know that it isn't just spit and polish in the forces, that service personnel also have emotions and feelings. I would recommend this as a very good read indeed! Nice one Ossie!


Graham Shatford Great book Steve, I got one for my Kobo, enjoyed it so much I ordered one in paperback as a keepsake. Brought back some great memories


George Cruickshank Brill read.....Ohh! The memories!


Robert Graham Thompson Excellent read Steve, brought memories flooding back, showed it to a couple of 'new' squaddies both said '' No Way '' .


Rab I know u served with a hell of a lot of guys in your time. N prob don't remember me mate. But after reading your book. And enjoying it and all the memories it has brought back. I just wanted to say. It was an honour knowing you. And of course. Serving alongside you mate. Well done.   And you adventure still goes on mate. Well done again Rab


By dj

Even if you didn't serve in the CORPS this is a must for Squaddies young and old. Sometimes funny and some sad stuff. I had the pleasure to be a part of Oz's team within "Fraggle Troop" very funny, good times. But the sad loss of the guys in Norway really hit home (I lost a close friend) A Great Read


Mick Cash Received the book today, couldn't put it down and read the lot in 1 night, a cracking read  


Phil Giles

Hi Steve

Read your book in the last couple of days and have got to say "damn good read Ossie I couldn't put it down"

Regards from a fellow Trog. 5 out of 5 stars Great Read


J Bunce

*Amazon Verified Purchase*

Having served in the RCT and alongside Steve ossie Osborne this book had me in tears of laughter and dread reminding me of the dark days of basic training (Buller Barracks)to the laughs of Driver training and eventually my first posting not just a great read for the ex troggs or serving members but a great read for anyone that was involved with the Army...... loved it


Michael Boyle

Hey all, I bought Steven Ossie Osborne's book online but thought I would rate it on here, brilliant read, kept me up till the wee small hours and truthfully, I laughed and cried at times but most of all it reminded me of all the people it was an honour to meet in my time in the army, Ozzy included. Buy the book and enjoy,


Graham Pugh

Boss (ya you know who you are) got it read it finished it and I cried, but most of all iv laughed thanks. Lest we forget....


Steve Allan Hi Steve, have received and read in 10hrs with a sleep in between. What a fantastic book it brought back so many memories, like you i was kicked out at 15 and ended up doing 23yrs. Dare not write my own as i have a habit of not being very diplomatic there would be writs flying all over the place ha-ha.


Gary Bishop

I just want to plug this book, no matter if you have served in the RCT or even the Army or neither this book is a riveting read! It follows one man's life from being a 17 year old with not many prospects, through to serving 22 years in The British Army in The Royal Corps of Transport. Go on give it a read...


My book so far has received 5 star rating in over 70% of reviews posted and


for that my friends.......    I Thank You.


I am glad you enjoyed it and appreciated the effort made, and if you do not see your review above then I apologise as there are just too many to list.

Again Thank You to each and every one of you and if there are any more questions don't hesitate to contact me .

Steve Ossie Osborne

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