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Where do we start? From the beginning to the present or the present to the beginning. Let’s start at the very beginning. I was born in Battersea London in 1959 and spent most of my early child hood growing up by the now famous Battersea Power Station and the more run down areas of London.


There were market stalls everywhere in the mid-sixties outside Clapham Junction, and at Brick lane. Also the underworld gangs that were inflicting pain and misery on others, but then was the way it was. Now the markets have become ultra-modern shops and the criminals are now known as Banks and Building Society’s.


I was a tearaway as a child and did not care for school much, it was not that I could not do the work because I could it’s just that my concentration span was a big fat Zero. So it was no surprise to me when I got expelled, but to my parents it was such an embarrassment that I was thrown me out the house at the age of fourteen.


Sleeping rough in a phone box for a bit was not much fun ,but I survived. I managed to get work as a washer upper in a Wimpy Bar /Restaurant for a while and then worked on a fruit and veg stall while packing bananas for Fyffe’s. I eventually thought about joining one of the services with the Royal Navy top of the agenda.  Having no school report or qualifications along with my  expulsion, did not do me any favours. So I tried the Army and yes they loved it, a tearaway, no qualifications, expelled from school, and coming from a broken home was just what they were looking for! So decision made I signed up.


Signing up to serve in the British Army at the tender age of 17 years was not really a problem in fact it was very easy. I was starting to hang around with the wrong crowed and I knew I had to get away or live a life of crime. 22 years 268 days later I leave the British Army as a Warrant Officer Class 1 (RSM) and started my adventures in Civie Street. I had a fantastic time during my Army career seeing service in Northern Ireland, the Falklands, and the Gulf to name a few. I had so much fun and laughs and made some great cockups while serving in the British Army that I decided to put pen to paper and share with people, the lighter side of serving in the military.


My book is available as an eBook or if you prefer in Paperback. Go to buy book page of this site for your buying options. Its good to give back a little, and when I can I do. For every sale of Always Believe In Yourself £1.00 will be donated to The Royal British Legion.


On leaving the British Army I moved to Portugal with the better half and both of us worked in a bar in the evenings. After one season we decided to get our own bar, and after a bit of hunting we found one next to the beach in Albufeira. The tourist season runs from March to October. By the end of October majority of the bars had closed so that was when we went on our travels.


Having always travelled while serving in the British Army I cannot help but get itchy feet so we would be off and it was Asia where we would head for. That was to be our destination every time we closed the bar. In 2009 we decided it was time to move on plus I had hit the ripe old age of 50 and had always said I would like to retire at that age.

We headed straight for Asia and have not looked back. We have lived in Thailand for a year then it was Cambodia also for a year, a few months in Vietnam and a couple in Malaysia Before spending a year living in India. At the moment we could be anywhere, probably, definately Asia.


We have not won the lottery, so do not think we are loaded because we are not. When we move around we use the local transport be it a train or the bus and try to fit in with the locals.

I am an expert when it comes to football (well aren’t we all) and the team I follow with passion is Chelsea, being brought up in Battersea who else was there (Fulham) I think not. I love all sports and keep myself in some sort of shape by using the gym

5 days a week. I enjoy the weight lifting but the running hammers the old knees and they creek and groan sometimes, I blame the Army for that.


So there you have it in a nut shell a person who was expelled from school lived in a phone box washed pots and pans got refused entry into the Royal Navy, but not a problem for the British Army. Had a successful career in the Army,went up and down the ranks and had some great times while serving. Lived in Portugal for 9 years and at the moment hanging out in Thailand where its extremely hot and humid.


Hope you enjoy reading my book as much as I enjoyed doing the things in it.

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