Steven Ossie

I was 17 years and 4 months old when I put pen to paper, and I had just committed myself to the British Army to serve 22 years with an option of 9. This meant that I had to serve at least 9 years before I could get out of the Army,                       What was I thinking.?



    Always Believe In Yourself

Read Ossie`s Story Here In This 60,000 Word E -Book About The Funnier Side Of The British Army


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A man who is good enough to shed his blood for his  country is good enough to be given a square  deal afterwards.

Theodore Roosevelt  1904


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Ongoing Legion campaigns include calls for more research into: Gulf War syndrome and compensation for its victims; 

"Finished the book fantastic get in print and would be a great keepsake,an honor knowing you Ozzie have a good life my friend and remember they can't make you pregnant.!" 

Charlie Dennis Linthwaite

"If anyone was in the Army late 70s/80s and 90s. Then they can relate to this book.


John Cutler

"Having served in the RCT and along side Steve ossie Osborne this book had me in tears of laughter and dread reminding me of the dark days of basic training (Buller Barracks)to the laughs of Driver training and eventually my first posting not just a great read for the ex troggs or serving members but a great read for anyone that was involved with the Army...... loved it"

Buncey Boy

"Hey All,

I bought Steven Ossies book online but thought I would rate it on here. Brilliant read, kept me up till the wee small hours and truthfully I laughed and cried at times but most of all it reminded me of all the people it was an honour to meet in all my time in the army, Ozzy included, buy the book and enjoy."

Michael Boyle

This is the true story of a boy shunned by his family, thrown out of the family home and forced to sleep rough on the streets of London. After three years on the streets and getting work were he could, he saw a sign. "Join The British Army". Now 17 years old he walked in to the army careers office and signed up for 22 years. Stevens story concentrates on the lighter side of the Army,including many of his cock-ups along the way,up and down the ranks like a Yo Yo due to too many drunken brawls. From his parents to army instructors they all said he was a waster and would achieve nothing in life. Seventeen years later he walks back into the camp he had joined as a recruit, as the new Regimental Sergeant Major. They all said he couldn't do it, he proved them all wrong.

Always Believe In Yourself

Always Believe In Yourself

Always Believe In Yourself in available in eBook formats for all E Platforms,Also In Paperback and there is even an option available for a PDF available through Paypal.

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This book is gathering pace, much to the astonishment of the author. It is attracting great reviews, not only from the British Army , serving and retired soldiers but from all military units home and abroad. Its True, Funny, Heart-warming and at times your laughing and crying all at once.

A cracker from a true squaddie..., An informative read for those looking to join the military.... And just too good to miss..

Its available in eBook for
Kindle through Amazon, and Smashwords for all other e platforms, you also have the choice of paperback and even a PDF version through Pay Pal. Check out Ossies website, you will find all the links there, and you can even check out his Blogroll as he travels around Asia.

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